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Client Feedback

(includes feedback from clients for FCSPD Support, the forerunner of Consequent)

The Arts and Theatres Trust Ltd.
Fife Cultural Trust
The Arts and Theatres Trust Ltd. would like to thank Matthew of Consequent Ltd. for his outstanding work and the support that he supplied to us. We engaged Matthew for an extensive, in-depth analsyis of our budget and budgeting process.  The result of the exercise was a streamlined budget that allowed us to deliver our services and address savings at the same time.  Matthew understood our business very quickly and delivered exactly what had been asked of him.  Added value that Matthew brought to us was the tailored budgeting tools that were created along with the processes.

We found Matthew to be very professional with an aim to deliver against the brief; he does this on a very good value-for-money basis and delivers results fast.  Further to this we found it very easy to implement Matthew's tools, as they fitted the business perfectly as they were based on already-existing processes.

Therefore we are very happy to recommend Matthew to anybody that has a need to address financial issues within their organisation or that would like to streamline processes within a tight budget.

Michael Ryan, Head of IT, Vets Now.
Consequent provided Project Management to Vets Now in order to help manage significant change in back office systems.  Vets Now changed its CRM solution to Dynamics 2012 and created a bespoke web-based Practice Management System which was deployed overnight to 33 locations and accessed by over 500 clinical staff, as well as project manage the creation of a Business Intelligence solution which changes the way in which Vets Now looks at its own data.  I am confident in saying that without the input of Consequent we would not have been able to achieve the goals set by the business in such a short period of time and with such minimal disruption to operations.

Ken Moran, General Manager, Guala Closures UK.

Extract from full testimonial: Consequent has been making an invaluable contribution to the continuous improvement drive of the Guala Closures UK business since October 2009, assisting in a range of key areas such as optimising commercial processes, enhancing financial management and supporting strategy development. Where specific projects had been identified, the Consequent approach was thorough, planned and structured and progressively implemented. A particular feature was the proactive communication, timely updates and a total focus on delivering the agreed outcomes and results…………… In addition to contributing to defined projects, Consequent has been available to provide specialist resource for unplanned events. ……….  Within 24 hours of the phone call, Matthew was on hand to assess the position and working with the team, took effective action to ensure all information and reporting responsibilities were met in full. Over subsequent months, the efficiency and effectiveness of the Finance team was transformed. As a customer, I received much more than a solution to a problem………….. I am planning to benefit from Consequent’s ongoing involvement in the Guala Closures UK Business.

Alastair Knox, MD Viopti Limited.

Since the formation of Viopti Limited in May 2009, FCSPD has been the backbone to all financial and strategic planning needs that Viopti Limited required. Complementing this FCSPD has been able to support Viopti Limited in a lot of other specific key areas including sales and marketing planning, private and public funding requirements and key management decisions. Matthew also as an individual brings something special that any company would cherish. Rolled in with hard work, dedication and total professionalism, Matthew has an enthusiasm and personality that is hard to find and this makes him a pleasure to work with. Viopti Limited are also strengthened by having Matthew as a Director and fully realize what a huge benefit this is. FCSPD offer a complete package that any company would find invaluable.

Gabriela Juarez-Martinez, Centeo Biosciences Ltd.

FCSPD support has been critical to efficiently manage our cash flow, especially during fund raising periods and early growth. Matthew's financial expertise has been instrumental in setting internal financial controls and reporting structures, which allow us to accurately monitor the performance of the company and produce reports for the board of directors and investors. Although the focus of the support has been financial, Matthew has also provided substantial assistance in reviewing, negotiating and understanding the implications of commercial contracts. I would definitely recommend FCSPD support.

Brad Connor, Savantech Ltd.

FCSPD have been supporting Savantech Limited since 2008, during which time we have made use of all five of the key areas of assistance offered, plus more besides. Throughout, Matthew's assistance has been invaluable - sound advice coupled with the rolling up of sleeves and mucking in when required; a frequent necessity for an SME in a fast-moving industry. FCSPD have been fundamental to Savantech's success in planning and implementing sales and marketing drives, obtaining public-sector funding support, and instilling the business & financial strategies necessary for long-term success - all achieved with a cheerful, refreshing pragmatism. We enthusiastically recommend FCSPD to all save our competitors.

Stuart Bain, Design LED.

FCSPD have filled a vital gap in our senior management teams capability and bandwidth. Although functionally strong in all other technical, sales and operational areas, the business has without doubt benefited from the skills and experience they have provided . Whilst this support has been focused on financial systems, processes and strategy the fact that their expertise is founded on a broad commercial basis has meant that the input has been of far greater value.

Christoph Koeck, ANDRITZ HYDRO GmbH.

As a large Austrian based engineering company we took advantage of the extensive expertise FCSPD has in the field of complex project and change management. FCSPD has assisted considerably in a commercial integration project in Finland and the legal merger of two Swedish companies focusing particularly on streamlining organisations and increasing process efficiency. Whatever commercial or strategic challenges your company may face, we can recommend the service provided by FCSPD for providing excellent support and advice.