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Investing Women

November 2015
Investing Women is a gowing community of women angel investors and women entrpreneurs requiring resources for growth, as well as those who are willing to help both.   As well as offering investment, they run events such as pitch practising and opportunities to meet and talk with investors who have a wide range of experience in a variety of industries.

Invoice Financing

October 2015
Invoice Financing can be a good method to release short term funds alleviating cash flow problems. An increasing number of providers, such as Lloyds, are offering month by month financing rater than having to be tied into a long one or two year contract.  Please contact us to see how we can help monitoring your cash flow.

Working with Charities

September 2015
We can provide suppor to your charity, be it performing an independent examination or working with you to implement successful governance, reporting and accounting practices.  Running a charity is complex regardless of size, with many accounting and legal regulations to comply with.  Please contact us to see how we can help.

Workplace Pensions

August 2015
Automatic enrolment is now being rolled out amongst smaller companies, with many of our clients reaching their staging dates.  Know your responsibilties, you must sign up with the Pensions Regulator in advance of your staging date and ensure you have an appropriate pension scheme in place.  It is also recommended to begin assessing your payroll system and status of employees before your staging date.  Find out more at the Pensions Regulator website.

Budget letter - support businesses

July 2015
ICAEW has published details of a pre-budget letter sent to the UK Chancellor ahead of the forthcoming budget. The full details can be read here, but they note that although entrepreneurship remains bouyant, for every 10 new companies registered, 6 are disolved.  One reson for this being a lack of support for small businesses. The letter advocates 3 areas, reducing the red tape around tax, encouraging export, and incentivising investment in assets with the Annual Investment Allowance.  Please contact us to see how we can support you in growing your business.

Scottish slowdown - invest in workforce

June 2015
The UK Business Confidence Monitor Report Q2 2015 Scotland has shown that Scottish businesses are experiencing a slowdown across a number of performance indicators, one area being taking on new employees. The report shows that businesses are actually investing more in developing their existing personnel rather than recruiting employees while sales are low.  This level of investment will be an advantage when the markets pick up.  Contact us if we could help review your business to ensure you are ready to take advantage of an upturn in the market.

HMRC guidance for employers

May 2015
Did you know that employers can register with HMRC to recieve regular alerts?  These alerts can provide useful information such as how to apply for the NIC £2,000 holiday, and other grants that may be available in your area, such as for upgrading broadband.  The alerts also advise of upcoming webinars which are very useful for small employers, on areas such as employing someone, expenses and benefits and how to deal with sickness.  They also send out a bi-monthly Employer Bulletin to keep up to date on latest developments and rates.  This months version also gives information on the Scottish Rate of income tax planned for April 2016.

Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act becomes law.

April 2015
The Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act has become law on 27th March 2015 as noted by a recent ICAEW article, which discusses how the Act is designed to help small business compete, obtain finance for creating jobs, grow, innovate and export.  More details can be found in the Act, some information at and an accompanying factsheet.

What does the budget mean for you?

March 2015
Accounting Web provides an overview of articles regardingthe budget and how it will impact both businesses and individuals.  In particular, for small businesses, although the VAT threshold has been increased to £81,000, several other aspects, such as a major review of business rates and plans to abolish Class 2 NI contributions are speculative in anticipation of the general election.

SME funding - are you fit enough to take advantage?

February 2015
The Small Business Bill, which at present is still under review by the House of Lords, covers a wide scope, including access to finance.  Many small businesses state access to finance as a common barrier to growth, but with banks and other initiatives stating more funding is available, do we now need to consider how ready small businesses are to take advantage of this?  This will be the subject of a year long study of the economia magazine.

Awareness of finance options available, debt versus equity, short-term against long-term, how much is needed, strategic planning for when finance will be needed, knowing what information lenders will need are all key areas that should be considered by a small business.  Consequent Ltd have experience in securing funding for a variety of clients.  Please contact us to see how we can help give your company the best chance of taking advantage of the funding available.


January 2015
A recent article in economia magazine, decsribes how Crowdfunding is becoming an ever increasingly popular way of raising funds.  Charities and not-for-profit organisations are successfully using this method as a way to raise funds for specific projects, and even individuals have been able to raise funds to help them fulfil sports and arts training needs, or meet their ambitions. 

Businesses of all sizes are increasingly turning to crowdfunding as an alternative method of raising investment, particularly if the reason they need the funds resonates with the public.  Clear details about the investment, which allow an investor to understand and assess the risks involved are imperative. We helped PlanBee successfully raise money using this method. Please contact us to find out more.

We would like to wish all our clients a happy and successful 2015.