Services - Commercial

Business turnaround

Even the most historically successful business can go through challenging periods of trading especially during an economic downturn.  An external perspective is vital in these situations to provide a fresh insight and give clear recommendations on strategies/options to move the business forward.  The Consequent team has practical experience of business turnaround and helping business reorganise, realign to market opportunities and regain a stable financial footing. 

Contract Review

Both customers and suppliers may have various agreements they need to be signed, from simple non disclosure agreements (NDA's) to complex general purchasing agreements. Using a wealth of experience from reviewing contracts, Consequent can help to understand the "watch outs" and recommend alternate wordings.

Negotiations & Dispute Resolution

Often it can happen in everyday business life that disputes arise between parties. Consequent consultants have many years of experience across a range of companies and countries where they have successfully resolved complex and often impossible looking situations.