Services - Financial

Pricing & Profit/Costing Models

At the core of any business is its pricing policy, whether it be manufacturing a product or supplying a service. It is vital to know and understand what costs go into producing the output. Are all outputs good profitable business? Should we grow one part of the business before others? Does our costing structure allow us to be competitive in our chosen market? Consequent enables enterprises to better understand their profit drivers.

Evaluation of Capital Investment

Spending scarce money on equipment which takes a long period to pay for itself is always a big commitment. The financial implications need to be fully reviewed and understood before going ahead. For example, is there a better use of the money which will yield a higher or quicker return? How long will the asset take to pay for itself? Are there alternate ways to finance the investment rather than cash? Consequent can evaluate large or small, complex or simple projects.

Cash Flow Management

This is truly the most critical area for any business no matter its size. There are many examples of good profitable businesses where the money dried up and ultimately closed down. In the current financial market it is even more important to closely and effectively manage your cash. For example, are customers being proactively followed up for money they owe? Is stock of raw materials kept as low as practically possible? Have the best terms available been negotiated with your suppliers? Consequent has experience of assisting companies monitoring their cash flows in tight situations.

Management Accounts

Regularly updated management accounts allow monitoring of the heart beat of your business. Are these being prepared regularly? Do they contain the key metrics for your kind of business? If you are not able to continuously understand how your business is performing how can you hope to be able to maximise opportunities? Consequent can assist in determining a useful format for your management accounts to allow effective monitoring of your business.